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Hawaiian party is an ideal format for a party on any virtually any occasion. First, the guests won’t have to puzzle over choosing a carnival costume. Males will just need to find colorful shirts, while girls can dress up in bright swimsuits and pareos. At the same guests who ignored the dresscode or just didn’t know about the Hawaian fun, can wear Hawaiian leis (flower necklaces), and thus won’t stand out from the festively dressed up crowd.

Secondly, decorating a Hawaiian-style interior takes quite a bit of time. A pair of flower garlands, lanterns, colorful tablecloth on the table, a plate of tropical fruits (bananas, oranges, mangoes, pineapples), light dance music – and you are almost there. The mission gets extremely simple if you get in touch with a reliable firm, like %COMPANYNAME%, a seasoned UK entertainment industry player, and make use of thematic party supplies designed for Hawaii party. Thirdly, Hawaii is a perfect theme for pure fun. For example, shake your body in Limbo, cheered by the music and drop it lower and lower. Kick up your heels at competitions – run a certain distance with coconut, sandwiched between your knees, but do not drop it! In addition to festivity, traditional Hawaiian food and drinks fantastically tasty, leaving no guests indifferent!

To begin with you should better plan your budget. This is the case when expensiveness doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality – imagination and creativity is something that really matters! Thus, Hawaii dresses are inexpensive: you can always buy affordable bright shorts, T-shirts, shirts, flip-flops and other stuff in the shop around the corner. Girls can come up with colorful dresses and short open sarafans. If you are throwing a party at home, let the clothes with a bring guests.

Decorations & accessories

A necklace of flowers is a traditional Hawaiian jewelry for the neck, it is simply indispensable if you want everything to go with a bang. Necklaces can be made of corrugated paper or cloth, in extreme cases you can take advantage of artificial flowers strung on a thread. Make sure you have enough necklaces available for your guests – this is the pass to the party. Organizing the distribution at the entrance is always a reasonable idea.

The interior & atmosphere

The interior also plays a crucial role, so how can you decorate the house quickly? Instead of palm trees you can purchase or or rent huge potted plants. By the way, dwarf palms will perfectly fit into your style! In general, a variety of bright, vivid colors is a must-have, distinctive feature of this party. Let stand bouquets in vases on the floor and table. How to organize a Hawaiian party so that all imbued with the atmosphere? Think about how you can decorate the walls. Posters of the sea and the beach, fishing hanging wall in doorways, sea pebbles underfoot, shells as souvenirs, an aquarium with fish and beautiful lighting – give some freedom to your imagination.